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Date: 09/18/23

Nothing has changed over two years except for the ferocity of the communist movement in the United States and throughout the world. There are now more communistic politicians in the United States House and Senate than ever before. In their craving for personal power, they may not even realize that they are fostering the communist agenda of Karl Marx.

Date: 01/03/20
​Why is Bernie Sanders able to raise so much money if his donors do not really expect him to win the election? It is because his donors (communist oriented) merely wish to leave a mark. Communism is a step by step method of accomplishment. The idea is not to go for a win at this time. The objective is merely to plant the idea. Communists are very patient people. They know that Americans are not fully inclined toward socialism. However, in time, the American people can be molded into accepting the notion of communism. Eventually, the radical socialist politicians will find the right candidate to run and win. That is how communism works.

​Date: 11/15/19
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are just a few steps away from communism. AOC and her friends are already at the communist stage. Just observe the Marx criteria. Furthermore, consider my theory of directional tendency. Warren and Sanders seem to be continually advancing toward the maximization of the Marx criteria.

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